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June 2016

‘New Buffalo’ Spurs Growth In Cobblestone District

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Driving through Buffalo, you will notice the skyline rising and buildings expanding – and the Historic Cobblestone District mimics the same state.

As you enter the historic entertainment district, you’ll be pleased to witness steel structures rising above the incumbent buildings which call the Historic Cobblestone District Home. Throughout the day, the sound of rumbling industrial machinery confirm new buildings are being brought to life.

Buffalo is in an era of revitalization and new development in the thriving Cobblestone District is no different. Below are a few projects to keep an eye on, as the Cobblestone District grows.

Buffalo River Landing

Abandoned for decades, the freight house fell into a state of disrepair that made its safe rehabilitation impossible.

$18 million later, ‘contemporary living at 1 south street’ has begun to take center stage as the exterior structure overlooks the Buffalo River. Like many buildings in the Historic Cobblestone District, Buffalo River Landing will pay homage to the historical significance of the area. As part of the plans, the freight house’s brick foundation will remain and be visible from the water’s edge.

The luxury apartments boasts living arrangements from 900-square feet to 1,800-square feet and a priceless view of an area that the queen city was built upon more than 150 years ago. The mixed-use building will also offer professional space for commercial tenants. The apartments are projected to open by the end of 2016.

Learn more here.

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

Located in the Historic Cobblestone District, Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino continues to experience growth on a number of fronts.

First, business is booming for the Cobblestone District neighbor as locals and visitors alike make the most of the Buffalo Renaissance. As a result of the strong financial state the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino is currently in, a $40 million expansion is currently underway just three years after the casino’s opening.

The expansion to the casino welcomes two floors of additional space that will increase the casino’s facility by more than 50,000 square feet. The new space will house more than 300 additional slot machines, entertainment space, new Western Door restaurant, and an expansion of the Buffalo Savors Bar & Grill.

The final steel beam was set in the beginning of May and the expanded portion of the casino is slated to open spring 2017.

Learn more here.

It was also recently reported that Pegula Sports and Entertainment have reach an agreement to purchase the historic building located at 79 Perry Street in the Cobblestone District, which hints to further development in the coming months.

Smiles at the BBQ and Blues Bash- Buffalo News

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Buffalo News

Monday, June 20, 2016

Don Nieman/Special to The News

BBQ & Blues Bash on Illinois Street in the Cobblestone District was a benefit for Gateway-Longview and featured barbecue from Big Belly BBQ, J & L Barbecue, Babz BBQ and Fat Bob’s Smokehouse. The acclaimed Tommy Z Band was among the musical highlights.

View the photo gallery here.

Helium Comedy Club Is The Talk Of The Town

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Jokes. Laughs. Food. What can be better than that?

Apparently, not too much.

Helium Comedy Club, located in the Historic Cobblestone District, in Downtown Buffalo, has solidified its place as the premium spot for comedic performances in Western New York.

Fortunately, Helium Comedy Club provides its audience with food options from Elements, an in-house contemporary lounge. to serve high-quality food and drinks fit for a night filled with endless laughing and unforgettable entertainment.

Elements’ menu can be seen here.

Part of Helium’s successful reign as the area’s premier comedic destination is its community involvement with local comedians.mic

Open Mic Night, which is an opportunity for local comedians, both fresh and seasoned, are given the opportunity to show what they have-is held most Tuesday nights at 8pm.

For people who are interested in jumping into the comedic realm can sign up Comedy Classes dubbed “Stand-Up Comedy 101” which give new comedians the proper tools and foundation to lift showcase their newly founded talents

For experienced comedians, competitions such as Buffalo’s Funniest Person Contest, which runs May 31- June 11, 2016 serves as the proper platform for their interests.The comedian crowned “Buffalo’s Funniest” will be awarded $1,200.

Make your way down and see what the talk is about.

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Canalside, Source of Pride for the City of Buffalo, NY

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It was only a few years ago when the area, now known as Canalside, was an empty lot of land. Outside of the neighboring Buffalo & Erie County Naval Military Park, there was very little enticing people to visit Buffalo’s Waterfront. As a result, there was an atmosphere infused with disappointment – that the City of Buffalo, once a mighty city born from the creation of the Erie Canal, was lifeless.

To revitalize the Queen City, Buffalo would need a spark, an attraction that would jump start Buffalo’s presence on a national scale.

fire works

Fast forward a few years later, and you are surrounded by modern buildings that are almost as high as local’s confidence in what the city has to offer. Now, a thriving city populated with building cranes on each block, serving as a sign of economic progression, local businesses wear “Buffalo” as a badge and symbol, that Buffalo is on the rise, and there is a venue at the center of Buffalo’s flourishing culture that continues to pump pride into Buffalo.


CanalsideCanalside is Buffalo’s premier outside venue, hosting a long list of concerts ranging from Rock to Hip-Hop, reaching the diverse population that calls Buffalo home. Canalside also hosts fundraising events such as Relay for Life and the JDRF Walk, which raise money to battle disease that affect not only thousands of locals in Buffalo, but millions of people across the globe.

With the free concerts every Thursday, ice skating in the winter, kayaking during the summer, and festivals to celebrate Buffalo’s culture and heritage, Canalside’s activity mimics the rapid progression of the city of Buffalo. Buffalo’s premier outdoor venue has recognized the role it has played in the revitalization of the Queen City. With that responsibility, Canalside has over 1,000 events planned in 2016 along it’s 21 acre waterfront for locals and visitors to enjoy.

There is a buzz in the air, accompanied by excitement and pride, as we watch the City of Buffalo transform right before our eyes, similar to the lot which lay empty only a few years ago. A full list of events planned for Canalside can be found on the Canlaside website –