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Bad news – summer is ending  // Good news – fall is coming quick 

We blinked and now summer is coming to an end. Is it too cliche to say “it went so fast?” It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is now just one week from today and students are getting ready for the upcoming school year. Although it’s always a sad goodbye to summer, we have a lot to look forward to.

There is something special about Buffalo in the fall. The mafia is in full force and ready more than ever to watch the Bills and Josh Allen this season. This past Saturday, Buffalo got a taste of the excitement watching the Bills at the preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. The 90 degree heat (which felt like 100) was a little high for fans to endure, resulting in many leaving the game early. It’s safe to say that Buffalo people can last longer in blizzards than the heat. However, the Bills players battled through it and came up with a win against the Packers with the final score being 19-0. 

As we transition into the season of fall, let’s go over some recent announcements you’ll want to know about : 

1) The Draft Room is Re-Opening Early Fall

With the football season starting, it’s great timing for an exciting announcement coming soon to the Downtown Buffalo / Cobblestone District area : The Draft Room and Room 120 will be reopening. Select Poor Ventures negotiated a deal with Pegula Sports & Entertainment and will now operate, manage, and run the establishment in early fall this year (no official date has been announced yet). 

The Draft Room is Reopening this fall

The Draft Room has no plans of making great changes to the restaurant layout or menu. So, things will be pretty similar to how they were before. We can’t wait to see people back here enjoying drinks, good food, sports, and the Downtown Buffalo atmosphere.

Looking for a job? The Draft Room has opportunities opening up. Positions available include bartenders, wait staff, kitchen staff and much more. If you are interested please send your resume or simply drop a note to their General Manager Jason Sunshine at [email protected]. Positions are filling up so don’t wait! 

2) Top Golf on the Waterfront 

Topgolf is coming to Buffalo, NY. In 2019, OnCore Golf revealed it’s plans to build this $30 million sports and entertainment facility along the Buffalo River. You may have been to a top golf in Ohio, Florida, Texas, California, etc… but would you ever think we would have one here in Buffalo!?

If you aren’t familiar with what Topgolf is, it’s basically a ginormous bubble where at an elevated surface, you can hit golf balls to different targets. If you aren’t a great golfer, it doesn’t matter – players of any skills are welcomed. 

Topgolf has more to offer than just golf. Additional augmented and mixed-reality sports and activities will take place in simulator bays. For example, visitors will be able to throw pitches to virtual batters and much more. A large variety of food and beverage options will also be available throughout the facility. 

Topgolf in Buffalo, NY

A 120-160 room hotel is also part of the project, with the hotel rooms set to be built above the three tiers of hitting bays, as will dedicated event, banquet and meeting space. The project is fully funded and is expected to create between 400 and 500 jobs when it opens in 2021.

The $30 million dollar investment will be located at the Buffalo Waterfront and plans to be in operation all year long. Heaters will be installed – we all know how freezing cold it gets here. As for the snow, the plans include an autonomous snow removal equipment that will plow the snow into an area where it will be funneled into a melting system. There will definitely be challenges dealing with the weather component in Buffalo and Topgolf will close if the weather is too unbearable for people to be out in.

 Read full article here for more details :

3) Canalside Roller Rink

This summer, Canalside added a roller rink to the area and it happens to be the largest roller rink in Western New York. The location of the roller skating rink is over the water that they use for paddle boats in the summer months and an ice rink in the winter. Now, Buffalonians and visitors will be able to skate their way into the winter and eventually trade in their their roller skates for ice skates. 

But before the winter hits us, let’s go over some of the details that this roller rink includes. Public skating is available Monday – Sunday… check out the hours of operation on the Buffalo Waterfront website here : Buffalowatefront

    • Adult Admission : $6
    • Children Admission (ages 13 and younger) : $2
    • Skare Rentals : $4

In addition, every Friday from 6:00pm – 10:00pm they have created a lineup of theme nights! “Buffalo Sports Day” , “80s” , “Roll & Glow” + Silent Disco” are some of the themes to get you excited. They are open now until October 31st, so make sure you get down there to join in on the fun soon. 

4) Mayer Brothers Cider Mill

Located in West Seneca, this establishment couldn’t contain their excitement for fall and had an early opening this season beginning on August 4th. If you’re a fall fanatic, you probably have already been in to check it out there delicious cider slashes, donuts, popcorn, chocolates, and more. As you wait in line here, you’re surrounded by tons of candy, decor, and more tempting impulse purchases to make. It’s pretty hard to keep your self-control in check here.

Mayer Brothers Cider Slushies

If you haven’t been here yet and are waiting for the appropriate time when it is officially fall , that is understandable. The official day of fall in 2021 is Wednesday, September 22nd. Many argue that the end of summer is the day after labor day, since kids are now back at school. That time period in between (September 7th – 21st) leaves us confused about what season we’re in – with some people clinging on to the end of summer and others getting into the fall spirit early.

So, it’s really for you to decide – if you are ready for the fall, go get a cider slushie and embrace it. If you want summer to last forever, at least you’ll still have a little more time left (that is before September 22nd hits).





There is plenty to be excited about in Buffalo this coming fall. Make sure to check out our calendar for more fun and events to partake in.