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Buffalo is transforming right before our eyes and locals are excited to experience all that the Queen City has to offer.

The Historic Cobblestone District is home to more than 40 business, and Buffalo Iron Works continues to attract locals and visitors alike.

Buffalo Iron Works is a live music venue-which means the establishment only operates when there is an event planned in advance. Luckily, there are plenty of events taking place each week, primarily in the afternoon during the weekdays and weekends. Events are posted in the Cobblestone District calendar.

Buffalo Iron Works hosts concerts on a weekly basis, serving as a go-to entertainment venue in the Historic Cobblestone District. Furthermore, a diverse lineup of national touring acts satisfy Buffalonians across all musical interests.

Now, listening and dancing to good music can make one crave delicious, Buffalo-made dishes.

Luckily, Buffalo Iron Works offers its guests with some of the best local dishes. The menu includes: Buffalo’s Beef on Weck, Not your Mama’s fried baloney and jumbo chicken wings-just to name a few.

Want to learn more? Visit their website and make your way down to the Historic Cobblestone District!

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