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With more than 35 business located in Buffalo’s Historic Cobblestone District, business is booming in the historic area.

Known to many as an entertainment and venue destination, the Cobblestone District is also home many businesses that offer a wide range of skills. These businesses range from development firms that are leading Buffalo’s revitalization to bars that offer a long list of specialty beer from local breweries.

There is no shortage of diversity in the district and each business embraces its position in the district.

An example of collaborative thinking by the businesses in the District dealt with the rebranding of the Cobblestone District itself. In 2011, five businesses, including Abbey Mecca & CompanySavarino Companies, the Cobblestone Bar & Grill and Lagerhuas 95, collaborated on a project in which each business could raise awareness for the District as destination for entertainment, fun and food. The companies agreed upon installing unique flags with the Cobblestone District’s new logo placed upon them.

Their goal was to not only rebrand the historic area in Buffalo, but reassure the Cobblestone District Flag was synonymous with the thriving Buffalo entertainment scene. This specific project continues to be a success as locals recognize the many offerings in the Cobblestone District and venture to the area during both weekdays and weekends to enjoy concerts, great food and special events.

Since 2011, more businesses have decided to call the area in and around the Historic Cobblestone District home including Pegula Sports and Entertainment, HARBORCENTER, Tim Hortons, and others. Recently, many of the local businesses have contributed to building the District’s social media presence by providing content and events to the official social media accounts and website. A steady increase of likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter mirror Western New York’s increased interest in the historic district as well. The District’s newly added Instagram account will provide locals with visuals of the thriving area and its events.

The collection of local businesses have bought into the image of Historic Cobblestone District – something both the businesses in the area and the City of Buffalo should be proud of.

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