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By Liberty Darr | July 2, 2022

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Joe “Marcella” Guagliardo has proven to be an expert when it comes to keeping the party alive, and his new endeavor with the new and improved Club Marcella is taking that to the next level.

The new Club Marcella is an opulent 9,720 square foot entertainment complex located at 106 Michigan Ave. with two dance floors, two bars, two stages and four private luxury booths. There are three separate areas for dancing — offering three different music genres — including an outdoor seasonal patio. A rotation of six to seven DJs will perform live every Friday and Saturday. The most elite sound system in Buffalo, along with the finest lighting system will greet patrons on the dancefloor. Customers and artists can expect an enhanced nightclub experience unparalleled by other venues. From owning two of Miami’s hottest nightclubs, Joe has brought the excellence of a big city experience straight to the Queen City.

“I took everything that I hated about all the clubs that I owned and everything that I loved about all the clubs that I owned- I made two lists and created, I think, the perfect nightclub.”

Since Club Marcella’s opening in Buffalo in 1995, it has been highly influential in launching one of Buffalo’s most notable entertainment districts in the Chippewa area. In addition to the influence it had over our city’s entertainment industry, it also opened as a safehaven for Buffalo’s budding LGBTQ community during a time when it was more necessary than ever.

“Well you needed a Club Marcella in 1995 to have a gay place for people, but in today, because, but all the rights that the new generations have, they don’t have as many worries- in my days you had worries and fears, so you went only went out to gay clubs.”

As the years and the Club have evolved, Joe now considers Club Marcella a place for everyone with one stipulation: you must be respectful.

“The people that come to my club, they’re the open-minded people not the haters or the homophobic or the close-minded people. The crowd is so diverse- we are such a big part of Buffalo and you have to look at what Buffalo really is and it’s a melting pot. Look at what Buffalo is and you’ve got to welcome everyone, and give them a place. You do have a voice when you come to my club because self-expression is everything!”

As Club Marcella has been a trailblazer in our city for 25 years, and has endured any and all obstacles placed before it, there is no telling how the future of this new facility could impact its new surrounding area- the Cobblestone District.

“I’m expecting for the Cobblestone Area to be the new entertainment area. Why? Well, It’s all business, it’s all bars, it has the Casino and it has the Keybank Center. Along with that there is so much parking. The best parking in town is in the Cobblestone District.”

Club goers can expect all of the things they loved about the old Club Marcella, but this time bigger and better. From a house music dance room with drag performances every Friday and Saturday at 11pm and 1am to a second dance room featuring all your favorite Hip Hop and Latin music. Stay tuned for exciting announcements from the Club Marcella family as they prepare for a summer like none other, with new events and experiences never before seen. Trust me, you will not want to miss it!

Interested in Club Marcella for your own event? They do that too! Visit for any additional information or call (716) 570-0596 to book now!