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April 26, 2022 |

While there is plenty of work underway to right the USS Sullivans, the site of the Heritage Point project at Canalside was quiet yesterday.  Excavation work appears to be complete but foundation work and vertical construction has yet to commence.  Sinatra and Company Real Estate is undertaking the two-building mixed-use project, the first private-sector development on the water side of Canalside.

In December 2019, the developer paid the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation $1 for the project parcels. The development will include restaurant, retail and office space plus 61 apartments. It is being constructed on the South Aud Blocks located between the Explore & More Children’s Museum and Main Street.

The project includes two buildings with 103,000 sq.ft. of space separated by an open space area following a portion of the route of the former Prime Slip. Each building will be six stories that includes a mansard roof level and basement level. The project was designed by newly renamed Carmina Wood Design.