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Originally Published on
July 30, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Some colorful creations will soon grace the walls of Buffalo’s DL&W Terminal downtown.

The Cobblestone District Business Group is joining forces with the NFTA and the Albright-Knox Public Art Initiative to produce a series of murals for the historic structure.

Artists are expected to start work this week on the city’s latest public art project. The large low wall of the terminal will welcome a series of 13 painted panels. One of them will be set aside as an informative panel, the remaining 12 will each be painted by a different artist.

The work will be done by both local and national artists. Six panels are expected to completed this summer and the remaining six to be done in Summer 2021.

“The Cobblestone Commons is truly an expression of what it means to be part of a ‘community,’” said Cory Muscato, owner of Lockhouse Distillery and member of the Cobblestone District Business Group. “The idea to collaborate to create public art in this space was born out of the annual Cobblestone Live Music & Arts Festival, held each summer for the past three years along the same strip of South Park Avenue.”

So far, three regional, three women and three Black artists have been chosen for the project. Additional artists will be selected and announced next year.

“We are thrilled to be part of this exciting public art project,” said NFTA Executive Director Kim Minkel. “These murals will enhance the neighborhood and promote interest in the DL&W by adding vibrancy and community pride. It is amazing how art can uplift us all.”