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Originally Published in Buffalo Rising
December 9, 2018
By queenseyes

Port X Logistics, an asset-based carrier and 3PL Freight Brokerage based in Buffalo, has taken up additional office space within the former Lagerhaus 95 location at 95 Perry Street. The company got its start in the building back in 2017, and has since been growing at a rapid pace, not only here in Buffalo, but by expanding into Oakland, CA, Los Angeles, CA., and Hamburg, Germany. That growth spurt has taken the company from a team of 14 to over 30 employees, with plans for added growth in 2019.

Company Founder Brian Kempisty says that his commitment to Buffalo has never wavered. He’s especially enthusiastic about the direction that The Cobblestone District is heading in. The maturation of the district is perfect for the Port X office culture that could thrive in any number of cities. Kempisty notes that his expansion in Buffalo was not due to tax breaks or any other government assistance. He credits the growth with staying a step ahead of the competition when it comes to technological advancements – the ability to tap into the newest shipping and transportation technologies.

Port X recently partnered up with “Turvo, Inc”, which is based in Silicon Valley. Turvo is in the business of ensuring that customers are in constant contact with shipments, whether that means sharing photos or documents, tracking goods via personalized driver app technology, or simply being able to instantly track where to the cargo is along the transportation route. The enhanced logistics alleviates unnecessary headaches and worries, streamlines communications, prevents added expenses, and saves time. According to Kempisty, it’s all part of the “Port X Revolution”.

Kempisty is excited about The Cobblestone District because at the end of the day, no matter how much a business grows, it’s all about keeping employees happy. And he feels that this beautiful historic building, located in close proximity to Canalside and so many other mounting attractions, is exactly where he and his employees want to be. It would be great to have a few more of these buildings available in this district – hopefully as Canalside continues to build up, more of these mixed use opportunities will arise.