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Get to know Rick :
The new team dog is a roughly eight-month-old Newfoundland rescued by the Niagara County SPCA and currently being trained to be a service dog for a local veteran. His training is being sponsored by the Buffalo Sabres Foundation. “We had talked for a long time about getting a team dog, but we wanted to make sure the dog served a greater purpose that could have a meaningful impact on our community,” Sabres Vice President of Community Relations Rich Jureller said. “In partnering with the Pawsitive for Heroes program, we’ve found the perfect match for the team, the dog and the veteran.”

Fans will be able to meet Rick at a number of home games and community events during the season. While Rick is excited to meet fans – and interacting with people is an important part of his training – fans should please be mindful when they greet Rick that he is a service dog in training. We are so excited to have you in the neighborhood, Rick!

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